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Experience a special event on Mallorca and its beautiful coastline. Your customers, friends or family members will be impressed with this exceptional experience.

More activities on request2016-06-29T10:36:40+02:00

– Snorkeling (equipment with most service providers inclusive)
– Banana, wakeboarding, …
– speed boat
– Catering

Toilets on board2016-06-29T10:37:27+02:00

There are at least one or even two toilets available.

Music on board2014-05-25T15:21:09+02:00

There is a sound system on board, you are welcome to bring your own music.


If the weather is not suitable for cruising (decision rests completely with the skipper) at your booked days and we find no alternative date with you, you will receive at most providers your payments back completely.

Take with you2014-05-25T15:19:31+02:00

Sunscreen, towels (can be partially delivered), bathing suit, in spring and autumn a windbreaker/jacket.


Of course we can organize the transfer from the hotel / airport to the yachton request. Please ask for a quotation from us.


Basically on board not allowed. But there are some exceptions, please get in contact with us.


Of course, on all ships, children are welcome. Only let us know before the trip, the number and the age of the children so that there will be the right life jackets for them on board.


On all ship we can offer a separat catering. More and specific information we can send you on request.


All prices are explained what is included and what not.


The day cruising trips start between 09:00 and 11:00h and finish after 7-9 hours. For the weekly trips we will inform you exactly with the booking.

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