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We offer professional deep sea fishing trips for everyone. There are different tours (see tables below) from El Arenal offered with a maximum of 6 anglers on board.

All trip included:

  • Professional Skipper, Fishing Licenses and insurance

  • Fuel, Ice, drinks (water, softdrinks and beer) and lunch
  • The trips depend on the sea conditions.Depending on the weather forecast and the sea conditions, you will be informed if the trip hast to be cancelled the day prior to departure.

  • The times can be changed in consultation with the customer before booking.

  • The catches of fish are subject to the fishing current legislation


Home port El Arenal
Guests max 6
Price Yacht from 400€/Tag
Motor 2 x 315 HP
Fuel incl.
Skipper incl.
Prices incl. local tax and insurance
Tour / times pictures season area distance from port price

Big Game Trolling, sunrise until about 16h

Grundangeln May, June, July, August, September & October South of Cabrera and NW of Dragonera. ca. 35-50 sea miles 1.200€

Fishing big deep with chumming, sunrise until about 16h

Fishfinder all the year South of Cabrera and NW of Dragonera ca. 35-50 sea miles 1.200€

Bottom Fishing, sunrise until about 16h

Grundangeln all the year Outside the area of the bay of Palma ca. 20-30 sea miles 900€

Trolling Light

sunrise until about 15h

Start im Morgengrauen August, September & October Outside the area of the bay of Palma ca. 15-20 sea miles 900€

Inshore Fishing, sunrise until about 14h

 Fishfinder all the year bay of Palma ca. 06-10 sea miles 600€
Squid fishing /14:30h until sunset about 18:30h marea40-Tintenfische autumn / winter bay of Palma ca. 08  sea miles 400€
Whale-Watching /

on request

marea40 whale watching all the year south of  Cabrera ca. 35-50 Seemeilen 900€

More details about the fishing trips:

Tour Type of Fishing Species Equipment Baits
Big Game Trolling Trolling Bluefin, Swordfish, Merlin, Dorados, Albacore… 50lb Shimano mannual reels. Rapalas, Halcos and Feathers
Fishing big deep with chumming Fishing deep with boat anchor and chumming sardin. Bream,Rockfish, Sea Scorpion, Corgen, Grouper, Bluefin and Swordfish… Riobi electrical reels and mannual reels 80 lb and handmade 130lb Prawn, sardines and squid
Bottom Fishing Bottom and Jigging Bream,Rockfish, Sea Scorpion,gilthead…. Riobi electrical reels Fresh Prawns and sardine
Trolling Light Trolling Dorados, Yellow-tail, Dentex, Tunas…. 20lb Okuma manual reels Traditional feathers and Squids Live
Inshore Fishing Bottom fishing with anchored boat and jigging. Black Seabream, Comber, Bream, Sea scorpion…. Okuma manual reels Fresh prawns and jigs
Squid fishing Bottom and jigging Squids, Octopus and Rockfish Rods 12lb with manual reels Daiwa GS 60  jigs and “Pajaritos”.
Whale-Watching according to the arrangement —-